6 Days Jiangsu, China



Dream in Garden——6-day Tour of NanjingYangzhouWuxiand Suzhou


Tour Highlights:


Gardens contribute at least one third of Jiangsu’s marvellous scenery. Tourists are invited to immerse themselves in the captivating allure of Jiangsu, where the enchanting gardens weave seamlessly into the urban tapestry. Amid the tranquil oases of rock formations, springs, and verdant foliage, people can escape the bustle of daily life and embark on an unparalleled Southern Chinese dream. In this journey to Nanjing, Yangzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou, tourists will explore the exquisite gardens, reveling in their elegant artistry, marveling at their historical grandeur, experiencing serene water towns, and savoring sumptuous local flavors.



D1:Arriving in Nanjing



D2:Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum,Yu Garden in Nanjing,Ge Garden in Yangzhou,and Dongguan Street & Huaiyang cuisine


The tour begins at the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing, a paragon of modern Chinese architectural history, where tourists can discover the life and legacy of the esteemed leader Sun Yat-sen. Visit Yu Garden, the “Lion Grove Garden of Jinling”, and delight in the refined beauty and natural charm of this “urban forest”, nestled among pavilions, rock formations, and lush trees. Later, tourists will venture to Yangzhou to meander through Ge Garden, once the opulent residence of an affluent salt merchant, and appreciate the distinctive rockery culture of Chinese gardens. Walking on the historic Dongguan Street, tourists can visit time-honored shops and enjoy the delicate Huaiyang cuisine, while witnessing with their own eyes the rich heritage and local customs.



D3: Slender West Lake, He Garden,and Qingming Bridge Historical Area in Wuxi


In Yangzhou, tourists can explore the poetic charm of Slender West Lake, the one and only lake garden in the city, feasting the eyes with its graceful curves and idyllic scenery. They can also visit He Garden, which is celebrated as the “First Garden of the Late Qing Dynasty”, and admire the captivating beauty of its circular galleries and pavilions. Later, they can proceed to Wuxi and meander through the Qingming Bridge Historical Area, observing ancient bridges adorning the Grand Canal and experiencing the timeless allure of this water town.




D4: Turtle Head Garden, Jichang Garden, Wuxi Three Kingdoms Film and Television City,Night cruise on Jinji Lake in Suzhou


The next stop will be the Turtle Head Garden, one of the world’s three premier cherry blossom viewing spots, and embrace a shower of fragrant cherry blossoms. In Jichang Garden, a renowned southern Chinese garden, tourists can appreciate the serene and elegant ambiance. They can also delve into the Chinese martial arts shows at Wuxi’s Three Kingdoms Film and Television City. Then, tourists will go to Suzhou and enjoy a night cruise on Jinji Lake, with the glistening reflections of skyscrapers and the dazzling lights of this vibrant city all around them.





D5: Humble Administrator’s Garden and Suzhou Museum


A garden tour in Jiangsu would be incomplete without a visit to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, one of China’s Four Great Gardens. Tourists will bask in the refined atmosphere while appreciating the art of calligraphy, chess, painting, poetry, wine, and tea. Adjacent to the garden lies the Suzhou Museum, the crowning achievement of world-renowned architect I. M. Pei and a gift for his hometown. The museum’s innovative design, ingenious interplay of light and shadow, and breathtaking landscapes at every turn invite visitors to appreciate garden art, witness the harmonious blend of classical and modern elements, and experience the profound elegance of Wu culture.




Day 6: Head to Shanghai and depart from the airport.

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